Accessory instead of cash: With the payment bracelet to the ESAF

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There will be something very special at the Swiss Federal Wrestling and Alpine Festival this year: Visitors can pay with a payment wristband during the festival. This eliminates the need to carry cash, EC cards and admission tickets. BLKB is making sure of this together with the Swiss startup wearonize, which is providing the payment […]

Our ESAF wearable makes champions of banks, producers, and events

We’re helping to make events incredible: No cash. No queues. No problems. Our ESAF payment wristbands provide a quick, easy, secure option wherever contactless payments are accepted.Less time spent managing money means more time for organizers to focus on creating out-of-this-world experiences. Thorsten RöskeCEOwearonize AG “We are very happy about this cooperation. As a Swiss […]