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Our ESAF wearable makes champions of banks, producers, and events

June 9, 2022
NOM Office in LA © Jocelyn Tsaih

We're helping to make events incredible:

No cash. No queues. No problems. Our ESAF payment wristbands provide a quick, easy, secure option wherever contactless payments are accepted.
Less time spent managing money means more time for organizers to focus on creating out-of-this-world experiences.

Thorsten Röske
wearonize AG

“We are very happy about this cooperation. As a Swiss company, there is of course nothing greater than seeing a product in use at the ESAF. Above all, it is nice for us to combine the tradition of the ESAF, the sport and the festival-experience for all participants with the advantages of our solution for payment wearables.”

We're changing the way people pay at ESAF

The Eidgenössische Schwing- und Älplerfest (ESAF) may be the largest temporary sports event in Europe, but there’s nothing temporary about the technology we’re bringing to this year’s festival! Say goodbye to payment vouchers, say hello to branded payment wearables that are chic, contactless, and convenient. ESAF 2022 is the perfect way to highlight how we bring together banks, producers, and events to provide an innovative and exceptional offering for customers.

Limited edition, but limitless possibilities

What’s green or brown and stylish all over? Our vegan leather exclusive ESAF payment wearables! The design isn’t the only thing special about them. wearonize equips lifestyle and accessory products with event access control, ticketing functionality, payment capabilities, and more – features that work onsite and off whether it’s before, during, or after the event.

Cyrille Strübin
Product Management

“We have been looking at the possibilities for payment wearables as an addition to our offering for some time and have found the right approach with wearonize. The complete package from the production of the wearables in the desired design to proven processes for onboarding, sales and payment processing make the cooperation with the motivated team very pleasant for us.”

Some of the event sponsors who have purchased wearables for their guests include:


Give a little — get a lot

The ESAF athletes give all of us such joy, we thought we’d give a little of our own by:

Win 50 x 50 CHF

Win 2 ESAF 2022 tickets

Donating 2 CHF from each ribbon to youth promotion of Schwingsport

Buy a wearable, activate the app and become a winner.

By activating the app, you will automatically be entered into our raffle for a chance to win an extra CHF 50 budget or an exclusive ESAF ticket for you and your best friend.

Style meets sustainability

We like making connections that change things for the better. These wearables are made of vegan leather from Sohotree, giving users an earth-friendly way to access their BLKB funds.

We also like keeping things uncomplicated for our producer partners. Our inlays are easily integrated, available for small quantities, and can be customized to fit any shape.

Lucas Knecht

“We want to change the common perception of sustainable products. Sustainability, quality, and modern design should no longer be a compromise, but the norm.”

Banking on the future

Brought together by mutual partner Blended Experience, wearonize and BLKB are working to show how tradition successfully meets technology. The sleek design, sustainable materials, and cutting-edge components all combine to deliver the style, security, and convenience customers want.

New customers with just one click

Our wearables and app have staying power for banks and users. Once the event voucher is done, it’s easy to convert it to a fully functioning payment program that handles payments, SEPA transactions and more. Convenience and new bank customers are just a click away!

Link to App Store

New customers with just one click

Our wearables and app have staying power for banks and users. Once the event voucher is done, it’s easy to convert it to a fully functioning payment program that handles payments, SEPA transactions and more. Convenience and new bank customers are just a click away!

Link to App Store

Want to know more?

We’ve got the answers to the most commonly asked questions about payment wearables.

You can make contactless payments with an ESAF wearable. The wearable uses a virtual card linked to one of your physical cards for payments.

The maximum amounts are regulated differently depending on the applicable legislation in the country. In Switzerland, for example, contactless payments are limited to CHF 80.

This varies from country to country. In countries like Switzerland, Germany and Italy, for example, you can simply enter your PIN if the amount is higher. In the UK or France, on the other hand, it is not possible to pay amounts above the contactless limit.

At a BLKB branch or via Android and Apple phones with NFC functionality.

Currently, only one card can be linked to one ESAF wearable at a time.

Yes, you can link the same card to multiple ESAF Wearables.

You will need a stable internet connection to create your account and link your payment card.

You only need to purchase the wearable for it. Everything else is quick, easy and free.

We use a process called tokenization to create a virtual card that is linked to the ESAF wearable.

A token is a series of randomly generated numbers used in payment card tokenization. [It replaces the customer's principal account number (PAN)].

It means that the card set up on your wearable has expired and you need to create a new virtual card if you want to continue paying with your watch.

There are two reasons why you may need to renew your wearable's tokenization:

  1. your token has expired (usually after 37 months) or has been deleted.
  2. you have changed your payment card.

If a payment card expires and your bank sends you a new card without any changes, your wearable will usually continue to work. If not, please use one of the activation methods to set up the virtual card again.

PAN stands for Primary Account Number - or simply the card number on your payment card.

Simply search for the "BLKB wallet App by wearonize" in the Apple Store or on Google Play and download it.

These BLKB branches sell our ESAF wearable


Baslerstrasse 172
4123 Allschwil


Hauptstrasse 25
4144 Arlesheim


Poststrasse 2
4460 Gelterkinden


Bahnhofstrasse 6
4242 Laufen


Grammontstrasse 1
4415 Lausen


Rheinstrasse 7
4410 Liestal


St. Jakobs-Strasse 2
4132 Muttenz


Uli Schadweg 1
4436 Oberdorf


Hauptstrasse 3
4153 Reinach


Bahnhofstrasse 9
4106 Therwil

Make your move!

Banks, producers, event organizers: Let’s talk about how wearonize can help you grow your business.

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