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With so many modern payment options, how do banks stay “top of wallet?”

What is the easiest way for a manufacturer to enter the payment wearables market?

How can sports clubs give fans more payment flexibility inside the stadium and options to show team pride while shopping outside the stadium?

Where can consumers find the latest payment wearables that speak to their interests and style?

about wearonize

Who we are and what we offer.

wearonize is a fintech company providing customizable wearable payment solutions. We deliver innovation from start to finish:

  • Payment accessories that can be custom branded.
  • Unique technology for the secure digitalization of payment cards (tokenization) during the online purchase process.
  • Automated order fulfillment and distribution.
  • Wallet app for managing payment cards and payment-enabled devices.

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What does all
of this mean
for our business clients ...

Wearable payment technology provides the convenience, security, and health safety that today’s consumers want. The wearonize ecosystem ensures your business enters the payment-enabled fashion accessories market with the least possible disruption for the most success. We have solutions designed for banks, watch and accessory producers, and sports clubs.

... and our consumers?

Smart is good. Savvy is better. And that comes from knowing your options when it comes to payment-enabled fashion accessories. The wearonize ecosystem provides you with easy online setup, an intuitive wallet app, and an array of customizable wearables that fit your need to stay safe and be stylish while you’re on the go.

 Why wearonize?

Expertise and access.

Not only are we innovative, we have the experience and industry contacts to address the specific challenges of merging new payment tech and time-honored tradition.

End-to-end offering.

We are the only provider of white-label fulfillment services for payment-enabled wearables–from sourcing to tokenization and distribution. We also enable ongoing spending insights for our business customers.

Online enablement.

We are the only company that provides on-premise technology means for integrating tokenization into your online ordering process, at a venue of your choice. 

Environmentally conscious.

Fewer materials means less waste, and no batteries means longer accessory life. Look good, live conveniently, and leave a smaller footprint.

Our partner network.

Good ideas are made great with the support of others.
We’re honored that these organizations trust us to deliver on what we promise.