How can providing customers with wearables be as simple as providing them with payment cards? Simple, choose us.

To simplify the digital wallet onboarding Mastercard is launching the Wallet Express Issuer Enablement Program for all banks in the Europe region. This eliminates the need to raise extra onboarding projects, which allows you to profit from this unique opportunity to keep your effort in enabling and supporting multiple digital wallets to an absolute minimum.

Maximize resources, minimize hassles​

Ditch the struggles of managing products: Our platform handles warehousing, product personalization, and shipping to your customers on your behalf


Long-term, stable relationship with producers


Many years of expertise in product design and quality management 


24/7 customer support via web, mail and phone with WhatsApp and Snapchat


Capitalize on a 360-experience with a full-blown state-of-the-art payment app including tokenization, wearable management and financial analytics. LAKS PAY not only offers the largest range of wearables, but also:

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How can providing customers with wearables be as simple as providing them with payment cards?

wearonize provides you with everything you need to get going: Let us handle every step of the way and enter the wearable payments market with an easy-to-implement process and secure technology.

Success stories and rosy prospects

Together with our long-term partner GD (DAC), we already have more than 85 active banks in Europe and over 50k active app users. Our customers include not only Swatch PAY!, but also brands from the sports, lifestyle and event sector. Collaborating with Huawei in 2023, we will equip all Huawei smartwatches with payment wristbands.

Seeing is believing. Order a wearable package and put our product through its paces.

Interested to dive deeper into the nitty-gritty? Mastercard Mobile? Already bagged!

Our solution is the only solution in the world based on Mastercard’s mChip/Mobile.

This gives us the following advantages over our competitors

  • free unrestricted re-tokenization, even after the chip’s certification has expired


  • several cards can be used simultaneously on one chip


  • tokenization encompasses both debit and credit cards


  • the wearonize wallet app enables flexible and instant activation on Android and iOS


  • unlimited reset and re-tokenization options to keep wearables in-use, even if the user changes


  • benefit of adding extra functions to wearables, such as access control (cars, buildings, computers, charging stations, FIDO, etc.)


  • the chip can manage eMoney and Cryptocurrencies

About wearonize

LAKS PAY (a cooperation between wearonize and LAKS GmbH) is the only company in the passive wearable market that has full control over the entire user experience. Our joint venture controls an unmatched product, including an exhaustive service from hardware design and manufacturing, to software, tokenization processes, shipping, and support.

Find the wearables your customers want

Offering the payment solution your customers always wanted has never been easier.
Choose wearonize and get ahead of your payment game.

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