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wearonize and LAKS form joint venture

By Nora Othman


Learn what advantages wearonize can offer

Munich – April 2023: The future of e-payment is wearable. Wearable payment with clothes, jewelry, key chains, or stylish accessories like rings or wristbands is already part of our daily life. Let wearonize CMO Heidi Böck tell us why wearable payment is a smart alternative to cash and credit card payment especially for hotels regarding vacation. wearonize is the market leader in passive
wearable payment.

What are the advantages of passive wearable payment?

Bank cards can be stolen easily, smartphones need to be charged regularly. With passive wearables both of these risk factors are minimized, as they are worn on the body and not directly recognizable as payment devices, which adds another layer of security. In addition to that, they are almost unbreakable and waterproof. This is a clear advantage when considering outdoor activities, like swimming or hiking when on vacation. Apart from that, passive wearables follow the security standards of Mastercard and VISA and can be blocked anytime in the wearonize wallet app.

Who would profit from passive wearable payment?

“Everyone”, would be the short Answer. No matter what kind of vacation it is; whether you are old or young, the use cases are versatile when it comes to passive wearable payment. The big advantage of wearable payment is its simplicity and user-friendliness. Even people who are not especially technologically savvy can use passive wearable payment, as the barrier to entry is very low.
Let’s take a usual summer vacation scenario: The guest is sunbathing at the pool, dips into the water for a quick swim and then heads to the pool bar for a cocktail. This cocktail can be bought and enjoyed, while the customer’s phone and money is safely waiting in the hotel room.

Is there more to that?

Keyword: access control. Wearables are multifaceted. They can be used as stylish accessories, payment devices, and access authorization. Gone are the old times of colorful paper or rubber wristbands that authorize access to specific areas in a hotel. Now passive wearables can be used for access control purposes while also serving as payment devices.
Keyword: electronic detox. Smartphones are an integral part of everyday life, as they are used for work, to communicate, and for contactless payment. People who use their phones for payment usually continue to be available, checking their emails and reacting to work related notifications. This defies the purpose of vacation. With passive wearables people can enjoy contactless and cashless payment without having to carry their phones around.

Are there any technological obstacles?

Almost none. Payment via passive wearable can be performed at any NFC powered cash register.
wearonize makes payment wearable: 24/7 and 365 days of the year – and especially at the best time of the year: at your vacation.

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