Hey banks! Let’s boost your bottom line.

With wearonize, you’ll get a platform that lets you offer contactless payment devices to your customers without a hitch, while we ensure security and cost-efficiency along the way.

The wearable payments market is forecasted to exceed $1.4 trillion in 2027.*

*Wearable Payments Devices Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report, 2021

How can providing customers with wearables be as simple as providing them with payment cards?

wearonize provides you with everything you need to get going: Let us handle every step of the way and enter the wearable payments market with an easy-to-implement process and secure technology.

Find the wearables your customers want

Integrate our product catalog with your web or mobile channels to offer a selection of wearables to your customers – or have designs created and certified just for you.

Maximize resources,
minimize hassles

Ditch the struggles of managing products: Our platform handles warehousing, product personalization, and shipping to your customers on your behalf.

With one click,
you’re in control

Our web portal lets you determine in seconds which wearables are eligible for customers to load with their payment cards, so you’re always in control.

Our services for banks

See the solutions carefully crafted to meet your needs, including sourcing from wearable and fashion accessory producers and handling the fulfillment and shipping process.

Software as a Service

Choose wearables from our wide selection and use our platform to offer them to your customers, online and in your branches. Our cloud solution will help you handle the whole process effortlessly – from tokenization to shipping management.

Equipment as a Service

Automate the handling of your wearable processing with our proven warehouse technology. Operate at low resources with our tokenization machinery, smart trays, and more.

Fulfillment as a Service

Use our frictionless platform to outsource your whole fulfillment and logistics process and manage wearables for your customers with little effort.

Let’s see
how we can help

Payment-enabled wearables are more than fashion, they're a way to engage and excite customers with a sustainable, barrier-free service that matches their lifestyle and needs.


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Digital wallets offer convenience, but have become crowded with multiple payment providers. With a wearable device, payment is just a gesture away – putting you ahead of the competition and top of mind for convenience without the clutter.


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We understand this is crucial: the more customers who pay using your service, the more you benefit. Great news – the wearables market is expected to hit $1.5 trillion in payments, which should help you meet your goals.


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The market for wearable devices and payments is projected for steady growth over the next decade. Why should big tech companies be the only ones to benefit? With our help, wearable payment will be an essential part of your offering and your future profitability.


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Seize a variety of new business opportunities with wearable contactless payments. We're excited to discuss how we can help you reach your individual goals!


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Technology meets aesthetics

Enough from theory: Take a glance at the wearables we’ve already created with our partners and learn more about what will come next.

Smart wearables are on the rise. Time to get you on board.

Wearable Payments at POS

$285,47 Bil.


Wearable Payments at POS

$1,4 Tril.


Wearables vs. Smart Devices in 2027

145 Mio.

Wearables / Other

Wearables vs. Smart Devices in 2027

280 Mio.

Smart Watches / Fitness Trackers

2020 Allied Market Reasearch — Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast,
2020—2027 Swatch analysis 2019/2020

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