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Minimize administrative hassle and maximize your cost control with our unique business voucher solutions for employees while enjoying corporate tax benefits. Simple accounting, automated distribution and ease of use via Google and Apple Pay – globally accepted.

Giving you a glimpse of what our business voucher solution

can do for your employees and company. 

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Set a daily budget in the form of digital per diem vouchers for your employees while on business travel. This saves your employees the expense and administrative overhead and, as a plus, you retain full cost control. 

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Introduce an attractive health measure to increase your employees productivity. Our vouchers can be spend anywhere or can be restricted to a selected merchants or merchant categories (e.g. restaurants etc.).

The wearonize voucher app.

Our vouchers are easily accessible
via wearonize e-voucher app. 

You can use them digitally as well
as physically via Apple and Google Pay. 

Of course, they are also available as wearable.


Go open loop!

Our e-voucher are based on an open loop and can be spent worldwide where MasterCard is accepted. Of course, we can also limit this to desired merchants or merchant categories (e.g. restaurants).

Motivate your employee

Employee motivation is easier and less expensive than you think. With the digital meal voucher you inspire your employees, you benefit from tax advantages at the same time and offer an incentive for maximum employee satisfaction.

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